BroadNet provides the public and private network operators with high-quality, cost effective network support services and communication product solutions. The company is organized into three business units, each optimized to serve a segment of the wireless telecommunication industry:
The Products Repair Services Unit focuses primarily on RF frequency product repairs, serving some of the world leading wireless infrastructure equipment providers with product testing, repair, refurbishment, logistics and repair engineering services. The business unit current capabilities cover the frequency spectrum from DC to 40GHz, servicing products with pth, smt micro-BGA and leadless components, and thin film millimeter-wave technology.
The Technical and Engineering Services Unit focuses on network operations and maintenance support including training, corrective/preventive maintenance, network monitoring, product staging and testing, installation, commissioning and on-going technical support. The unit specializes in microwave backhaul and cellular basestation equipment.
The Products Solutions Unit serves private network builders and installers with wireless product solutions for IP backhaul and last mile access applications. This business unit provides government and private organizations with turnkey solutions to solve their communications needs for voice, data, video surveillance, and telemetry applications.
Our Commitment to Excellence
 BroadNet Quality Policy is to exceed the expectations of its stakeholders… 
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Our Commitment to Health, Safety, and the Environment Broadnet is a responsible corporate citizen, we conduct our operations in strict compliance with the rules/regulations applicable to our industry and we strive to minimize the impact of our business activities on the environment.
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